What is Tuzo?

Tuzo is a system for running a giveaway on Facebook for fans of your Facebook page.

What does it help achieve?

Brands with Facebook pages can use it to improve engagement with fans, build their reputation and delight fans with free product samples. Free samples are a great way of introducing new customers to a product and of reminding existing customers about it too.

Who is Tuzo for?

Tuzo is best suited to brands that have a small physical product. Tuzo can also be used for large products or digital products. Small products are best as they are more suited to regular giveaways and can easily be posted. Higher value products can also be used and may be more appropriate for irregular giveaways (ie. monthly rather than weekly).

How to run a giveaway

Campaign duration

First choose a period to trial the campaign. This needs to be long enough that customers can become familiar with the giveaway so that it can gain critical mass. A period of six months should be enough to determine whether the initiative is popular with your Facebook fans.

Promotional imagery

The next step is to create an image to promote the giveaway with. This should be a lifestyle image that will resonate with fans. Free images can be found on Flickr by using Advanced Search and filtering by ‘For Commercial Use’. Enlarged text can then be laid over the image. Ideally only a few words or a line or two with a strong Call To Action (CTA) such as ‘Enter Now’ and a description of the prize ie. ‘Enter now to win a case of champagne’. It can also be good to include a reference to the terms of the giveaway in smaller letters at the bottom of the image ie. ‘Terms apply’.

Promotional content

On the first day of a giveaway you can share the image on your Facebook page. The album title can be a clear reference to the competition ie. ‘Weekly Giveaway’ and the description should be a sentence describing the giveaway and a link to the entry page. The image description should be a 5-7 line long post (this is Facebook’s own recommendation) describing the competition complete with a link to the entry page.

Promoting the giveaway

Best social media practice dictates that one post per day is optimal for engaging with fans. As such, for a weekly giveaway, a post announcing the winner each Friday should be sufficient especially when interspersed with engaging content throughout the rest of the week.

Announcing winners

Friday is a great day to announce winners as people are in a celebratory mood and it gives people another reason to look forward to the weekend. It is possible to queue posts in Facebook although this does not excuse you from checking each post and engaging with fans in the comments where necessary.